Where are we located?

Our shop is located in Bonython.

17/70 Hurtle Avenue

Bonython, ACT 2905

When are we open?

Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday 9am-5.30pm

Wednesday 9am-5.30pm

Thursday 9am-5.30pm

Friday 9am-5.30pm

Saturday 9am-4pm

Sunday 10am-12.30pm

How much notice is needed for placing an order on a decorated cake?

Orders are preferably taken with 2 weeks of notice. All order inquiries are welcome, feel free to contact us as we are more than happy to accommodate for varying time frames. Although, accepting some orders may depend on daily bookings and complexity of design.

For wedding cakes, please allow us a minimum of 2 months notice.

How to order a decorated cake?

The best way to order is by visiting our shop. Face to face contact is ideal for more complex designs. Alternatively, give our shop a call (02 6293 9309) or send a message. We are also reachable via email and through social media.

Visit our contact page for more info.

What flavour cakes are available?

For decorated cakes, the options are: chocolate, mocha,  vanilla, choco-vanilla sponge, chocolate butter cake, chocolate, caramel, and white mudcake.

Is it necessary to preorder regular cakes?

We offer a selection of cakes every day in our shop. For a specific cake, it would be best to call and place an order so it's sure to be there, reserved, and ready for pick up.

Do we deliver?

We currently do not offer delivery for our decorated cakes. Pick up is at our shop in Bonython.